Why choose good quality tea?

You'd like tea?

Let's think of a scenario of a really great restaurant. You've had a fantastic meal and then at the last course, teas and coffees are offered. Quite often, if someone asks for a coffee, the reply from the host lists every conceivable type and way a coffee can be presented. For those wishing for a cup of tea, it's often simply noted that someone 'would like tea'. Imagine the different experience for your customer if you were able to offer a choice of really great tasting teas?

Last impressions count too

In the scenario we describe, this is probably the last taste experience your tea loving customer is going to have before they leave, so you have to ask yourself, is the tea your about to serve one they'll want to remember or will it be wet, warm, bland and not really worth a mention?

Get them talking!

A great cup of tea for someone who loves tea is something to talk about; something to remember and above all something to bring them back to visit you again!

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