Why Choose Jenier World of Teas?

Why Choose Jenier World of Teas

Ethically sourced fresh teas, picked at peak season

We won't compromise on quality. Our teas are of the highest grade and are sourced by tea masters with over 30 years experience. Each tea is ethically sourced and picked at peak season with over 80% vacuum sealed on the tea estates to ensure the tea in your cup tastes as fresh as the day it was picked. We're proud to serve our teas and think you'd be too.

We don't compromise on taste

The success of the traditional teabag has of course been speed and convenience. The trade off for this has in most cases been the quality and taste of the tea. However, all of our catering tea bags contain premium tea and our biodegradable pyramid infusers (a pyramid shaped mesh bag that can hold loose leaf teas giving them enough space to move around and release their flavour) has meant it is possible to get both convenience and taste.

It really does pay to serve high quality tea

A high quality classic black tea blend can cost as little as £0.03 per cup at trade prices which is significantly less than even the basic low grade teabag. There is also a saving on the environmental cost of packaging and freight and of course the tea tastes so much better your customers will be delighted.

Making a start

There's a lot of tea to choose from which is fantastic, but sometimes the wide choice of teas available can appear a little daunting and sometimes confusing. Firstly, let us assure you that we will be with you throughout the selection process and will help you find just the right teas to meet your requirements. We want your venture with Jenier World of Teas to be rewarding on all fronts and so will support you every step of the way. As a valued customer we are always here to answer any questions you or your staff may have - we don't just sell tea!

Trade Starter Packs

Perhaps you're pushed for time or simply would like us to choose a range of teas for you to begin with? Whatever the reason, we have just the solution for you. Our trade starter packs are simply everything you need to begin serving high quality tea. Complete with tea menus, training notes and teas from our best selling ranges the Jenier Trade Starter Packs offer you a simple, easy way to quickly start or upgrade your tea service - there's even an additional tradediscount applied with every starter pack, so they really are good value.

Jenier World of Teas is Wholesale Only

We've said a lot about how good our teas are, but realise that in order for you to know that, you need to taste them. If you register with us today, as soon as you have you'll receive confirmation and an e-mail confirming your account is active and ready for you to use.You'll be able to access all our products, pricings and order any of our 2500 products, including samples.

£5 To Spend - Sample Jenier World of Teas

When you register as a wholesale customer, you'll immediately benefit from our online reward scheme and receive 500 Jenier Reward points worth £5.00 for you to spend right away on samples or any other products- just redeem your points and use the coupon code at the checkout.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or would like to chat through your requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch.