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Whether you're looking for speciality teas to add to your menu, a new tea supplier for your start up tea business, plastic free pyramid teabags or bulk tea supplies, we have over 400 teas for you to choose from.

We offer free consultations, tea samples and 'top tips' tea guides you can access online. Save with our best selling wholesale tea starter pack - it has everything to help you start serving loose leaf teas or 100% biodegradable and compostable pyramid teabags tomorrow!

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High quality teas can make all the difference to your business and we're delighted to be able to offer you over 400 luxury teas in multiple forms. Choose from loose leaf teas, biodegradable pyramid tea bags, classic tea bags or single wrapped tea bags. As a wholesale tea company, we have all the teas you'll need to offer a great range and stand out from the crowd. We offer full support to help you find the best teas and practical ways of serving so you can confidently delight your customers with premium teas and be sure they'll come back for more!

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Best Selling Loose Leaf Teas

If you're looking for the best selling loose leaf teas from across our range, we've called on years operating as a wholesale tea supplier to create top selling teas we know work really well for any business. In addition, we also have a Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea Starter Pack  which is exceptional value at 20% off trade prices and will help anyone get started serving high quality loose leaf tea. If you require the convenience of pyramid tea bags, the Starter Pack is also available in this format. View Best Selling Loose Leaf teas.

Best Selling Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Bags

The convenience of a pyramid tea bag does not mean you need to comprimise on the quality of the tea you enjoy. Absolutely not, in fact we use the exact same, loose leaf teas in the pyramid tea bag version. Pyramid tea bags are great for a cup service as they allow your customers to clearly see the loose leaf teas inside the bag and easily control the length of infusion so they can make the perfect cup of tea, just the way they like it.  View Best Selling Pyramid Tea Bags

Open A Trade Account and Receive £5 To Spend On Samples Or Products Today!

We understand how important it is for you to be able to taste the teas we offer and encourage you to buy samples before making any bulk tea purchases. So to help with this process, the moment you open a trade account with us, not only can you view wholesale prices and order tea samples, we immediately give you £5 to spend online.

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Whether you're looking to develop your tea menu or understand how to infuse teas or simply find out what tea is, no matter what the question, you're welcome to call us anytime on 0800 048 9930 Monday - Friday from 09:00hrs - 17:30 hrs and we'll be happy to help.