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White Tea Loose Leaf Collection

Wholesale pricing applied to larger pack sizes (from 250g).

We have a range of carefully picked white teas for you to choose from that you can buy in bulk or in smaller pack sizes. If you'd like to sample teas, find out how you can order free samples: How to order Jenier tea samples.

Learn More About Loose Leaf White Tea

Learn More About Loose Leaf White Tea

As a wholesale tea supplier of bulk white teas, we hope to answer the basic questions you may have about white tea before adding it to your tea menu. As the least processed leaf from the tea bush, white teas offer delicate, smooth flavours and are packed with healthy antioxidants.

What Is White Tea?

Each new bud on a tea bush is covered with tiny white hairs that give a soft, dried white appearance. These hairs are called 'bai hao' or 'pekoe' and are actually part of the tea plants natural defence mechanism. White Tea are these buds or sometimes buds plus one or two leaves that are carefully picked. Great care is taken by the plucker not to bruise the leaves or buds. Once picked, the buds and leaves are carefully laid out to wither naturally in the sun before being moved indoors to continue the withering process. As it's important to remove any excess water, the leaves are exposed to final drying so that all but around 2 - 3% or water remains in the leaf. 

China Pai Mu Tan White Tea

Grown in the Fujian province in China, this tea consists of small shoots including one bud plus one or two small leaves. China Pai Mu Tan is also known as White Peony and differs from a Silver Needle white tea that has only the tea buds.

Silver Needle White Tea

Silver Needle white tea is made from only the tea buds and our Gushan Silver Needles is made from the varietal tea bush Fuding Ha Dao grown in the Fujian province in China. Silver Needle White Tea is highly sort after and a premium white tea to add to any tea menu.

Health Benefits of Loose Leaf White Tea

As the youngest of tea leaves and also the least processed, white tea is known to be packed with goodness. To learn more about the health benefits associated with white tea, visit: Health Benefits of White Tea in our support area of the site.

If you'd like to learn more about White teas and food pairings, check out our post at the Tea Hub: Tea And Food Pairing

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