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Shop our range of Biodegradable Tea Bags. Premium Loose Leaf Teas in Plastic Free Tea Bags.

Jenier World of Teas plastic-free tea bags are made from plant-based material (sugar cane, corn or abaca) and are entirely biodegradable. We want you to enjoy your tea and encourage you to buy tea bag samples. You can buy up to 10 plastic free tea bag samples. We'll send these FREE anywhere in the UK! Whichever you choose, we want you to taste teas without paying any shipping fees!

Learn More About Plastic Free Tea Bags.

How Plastic Free Tea Bags Are Made.

Plastic free tea bags are manufactured from plant-based materials woven on large looms to create a thread. This material allows the loose-leaf teas to be seen and, of course, to infuse well too. Jenier pyramid tea bags do not contain nylon or any other petroleum-based compound.
The above statement applies to our classic plastic-free tea bags too. The plant material is processed differently, similar to the process used to make paper. The resultant teabag material allows the fine-cut tea to infuse. Still, it is opaque in appearance, and as such, the loose tea is not as visible.

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