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Wholesale Bulk Iced Tea 

You can make ice tea with any of our loose leaf teas or biodegradable pyramid teabags, or classic teabags, but the benefit of these Bulk Iced Tea mixes is that they allow you to make larger, measured quantities in a cost effective way - great for food service or catering. Each Bulk Iced Tea sachet contains high quality loose leaf tea that's been measured to give 1.5ltr of delicious iced tea when prepared. 

For the Bulk Iced Teas range, we offer our most popular fruit infusions and a traditional black iced tea that are sure to taste amazing and be so refreshing on those hot summer days. Each iced tea pack comes with full instructions how to prepare but if you'd like to check out some recipes and ideas for making iced teas, here are a few suggestions:

Classic Black Iced Tea Recipe

Fruit Infused Ice Tea Recipe

Iced Green Tea Recipe

If you'd simply like to order samples of any of our iced teas or indeed any teas on our site, you can find out more information how to do this at the following link: How To Order Bulk Iced Tea Samples

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