What's New

Everyone likes to have something new - we do too! As we have over 2000 plus product lines, finding the new additions to our world of tea can sometimes be a little challenging! So in this area of our site we aim to highlight all the new teas, blends and tea accessories we have available for you.

We try to keep these teas and tea wares as 'new to you' as possible but of course, this depends on how often you visit our site, so most products will stay in our new section for around 12 weeks. You'll also be able to find these tea products in their home categories on the website too, so if you visited this page and then returned to look for something to find it not here, it will have simply moved. If you have any difficulties finding any product, just drop us a line at info@jenierteas.com or call us on +44(0)1505 800 797 and we'll be happy to help.