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About us

Our History

Founded in 2009, Jenier World of Teas is dedicated to excellent, high quality teas and infusions. In the years since we were founded, we’ve established supply chains to work with some of the world’s tea masters in high quality tea plantations all over the world and along the way we’ve won prizes from Scottish EDGE and Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce. We sell over 400 varieties of teas and infusions from single sourced teas to traditional blends and new and exciting infusions and we happily serve both the consumer market and customers looking to buy wholesale.

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Our Team

Jenier is a small, family owned business that we started in our garage out of our love of tea. Based in Scotland, our team is small but growing and we've got staff from over the UK, EU and Africa.

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Our Product

At Jenier we’re dedicated to great tea and we sell over 400 varieties of it. We source teas through members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. In addition to this, our JenTech packaging allows for a shelf life of up to ten years unopened and up to two years when opened for our teas, further reducing environmental impact by reducing waste.

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