Cup Of Kindness

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A Cup Of Kindness - Charity Box Gift Set Range

In 2020, during the Pandemic, Jenier were approached by charities, schools and good causes looking for support to help them raise funds. We wanted to help, we wanted to give a cup of kindness. But it wasn’t only charities and good causes who were suffering, businesses were too. So in order to support local businesses we designed a range of gift sets that would include not only tea, but coffee, chocolate and candles. It was important for us that everything in the gift was as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible so the businesses we approached had to have similar values. We are delighted to be in partnership with Isle Of Skye Candle Company, COCO Chocolatier of Edinburgh, Bookishly, Jackman Journals and Henry’s Coffee Company – you’ll find their amazing products available across our range.

We also wanted to design the gift sets around the different categories of good causes so that any buyer or charity could relate more to the cup of kindness that was being given. To this end we created four themed gift boxes – Humanitarian Themed, Children Themed, Animal Themed and Wellness Themed. Of course, we wanted a brand name that could be easily remembered and associated with the purpose of the gifts and so ‘Charity Box’ A Cup Of Kindness was chosen. In addition to the themes, we’ve had 17 occasion cards to cover events and seasonal celebrations.

We now sell A Cup Of Kindness gift range as wholesale gifts for both retail and charities or schools alike and on every sale we make, Jenier donate 50% of profits of the funds we receive to charity. Every gift has a recommended retail price reflecting the price the same gifts are shown on the website – a site set up specifically for charities to benefit directly from sales to their supporters. However, any retailer, charity or school are free to sell the products at a price that works for them and of course, a retailer can choose whether they too want to donate any of their proceeds to a charity of their choice and give a cup of kindness too!