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Customised Teas FAQ's

Customised Tea & Tea Bags - Frequently Asked Questions.

What does the price shown include?

The price is for the finished product and includes the tea, pouch, and label. There are no additional or hidden costs. You are not charged anything extra for a specific label choice or colour. VAT on tea is zero-rated; therefore, you see no VAT added to the price.

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order is the number of packs shown online on the product page, which for customised teas is six packs.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes. All the packaging used to make the customised retail packs are 100% Recyclable.

What size is the customised retail box packaging?

Pack Size of Customised Retail Box: Height - 200mm x Width: 97mm  x Depth: 32mm

Are the pyramid tea bags plastic-free?

Jenier World of Teas pyramid tea bags are plastic-free. The materials used are plant-based (sugar cane, corn or abaca). These materials are bio-degradable and are produced by creating a thread woven on large looms. This material allows the loose-leaf teas to be seen and, of course, to infuse well too. Jenier pyramid tea bags do not contain nylon or any other petroleum-based compound.

Can I rename your teas?

Yes, of course, we encourage you to create your unique names. The only teas you might consider keeping the same name are estate teas, as these help the buyer understand the tea estate where the tea has been grown and where there are grading letters, e.g. Margaret's Hope TGFOP, the grade of leaf.

Can I have my logo on the packaging?

Yes! We can apply your logo to the front label. You can upload your logo on the product page for each customised tea. Once your logo is applied, we will be in touch to show you an example label for your approval before going to print. The label measurements are 80mm wide x 125mm in length. 

Do you offer any other label designs than those shown?

We only offer the label designs you can see online. However, we can print full colour (although not block colour), so if you have a coloured logo we can print these for you. You can upload your logo on each customised product page.

Do you print the best before and lot numbers on the packaging?

We will find the best place to show this information on your packaging and will add this to the label during production.

Does the packaging have the Jenier logo on it?

The outer Kraft boxes do not have any Jenier logo present. For compliance, Jenier Limited shows as the packer of the product. Inside the Kraft Box, the pouches have the Jenier World of Teas logo printed on them. If you have chosen pyramid tea bags, the tags attached have the Jenier World of Teas logo. Most customers comment that they are happy to show their tea has been sourced and packed by Jenier World of Teas as a mark of high-quality products and packaging.

What are the lead times to receiving my order?

For first orders, we ask you to allow a 10 - 14 working days lead time. Subsequent repeat orders will be quicker. However, if you require your customised order by a specific date, please mention this in the notes section of your order.

Is there a limit on how many teas I can customise?

No, you can have as many or as few teas customised as you'd like.

Do I have to choose the same label design for each tea?

No, not at all. You can mix and match any label design. Still, the minimum order for each design and tea is always 6 x 100g (or equivalent, depending on the tea) or 6 x 15 Pyramids per tea.

What is the shelf life?

Pyramid tea bags are nitrogen flushed and placed into 100% Biodegradable pouches. They have a shelf life of 4 years. As we package loose-leaf tea inside puncture-resistant, Jenier pouches, the tea is kept fresh and has a shelf life of 2 years.

I want to sell pyramid tea bags, but what about the tags?

To have your own branded tags costs thousands of pounds, and if this is what you require, then our Customised service is not for you. However, suppose you are happy to say, "Yes, Jenier World of Teas is our tea supplier and packages our tea for us". In that case, it is an ideal partnership that can work at low order quantities across any teas in either pyramids or loose leaf.