Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a minimum order value?

No, we don't have a minimum order value. Just order what you need when you need it.

Are your pyramid infuser tea bags really biodegradable?

Yes. The fine mesh used in our pyramid tea bags is non-toxic Soilon, which is made from corn starch and not nylon. Our luxury loose tea can be infused conveniently without having a negative impact on the environment.

Can I sell Jenier World of Teas?

Yes. We're only too delighted to support your business by selling you our retail packs at trade prices. You'll be surprised how many customers will taste our tea and ask you if they can buy some to take home. Stock up with our sampler pouches as they make great items to have by your checkout and encourages your customers to try new teas too.

I'd like to have my teas on display, is it okay to use glass containers?

Letting your customers see, smell and touch your teas is a great marketing tool and makes their whole tea experience much more interesting. You can refresh your displays whenever you feel they are in need and don't have to keep them in opaque containers.

What base teas do you use for your flavoured teas?

Ones that taste just as good on their own without any flavouring. We only use high quality teas as base teas throughout our range. Teas such as high quality black teas from Ceylon (we find Ceylon teas are particularly good as a base for flavoured black teas), premium grade Rooibos, Sencha style green teas, White teas etc.

What exactly are the natural flavourings you use in the teas?

All our natural flavoured oils are made from high quality fruit extracts.

You supply catering teabags, is this tea inferior to your loose teas?

Absolutely not. We use premium teas throughout our range. 

Which teas make great ice tea?

As all our teas are high quality premium teas you can almost make an iced tea using any of them. However, our customers report great success using our flavoured black teas, herbal and fruit teas, children's fruit teas and flavoured Rooibos tea. For ease, we also have Iced Tea Sachets that contain premium fine cut tea leaves, ideal for making iced teas quickly and easily - ideal for food service. 

Can I store tea in my freezer?

We would strongly suggest that tea should not be stored in a freezer because ice crystals would form on the tea leaves and these would melt during the thawing process and spoil the tea.

How much stock do you hold if I want to place a bulk order?

We endeavour to hold large quantities of all our listed products, however on occasions for very large orders we may require an agreed lead time for delivery.

You may have other questions. If so, we'd love to hear from you