Loose or Pyramids?

Loose Leaf or Pyramid?

With just a small range of great teas you can offer something really special.

Loose Leaf Teas or Pyramids?

When considering this question, there are a few aspects to consider. Firstly of course is the tea experience you’re looking to create, how you wish to serve tea and last but not least, your budget.

Loose Leaf tea works out a lot cheaper per cup than pyramid teabags on a weight by weight basis. However, there is the element of convenience to consider and which method of serving tea is going to fit best with your food service. So here’s a quick overview of both.

Jenier Loose Leaf Tea

  • More choice available
  • Less expensive – can be as low as £0.04
  • Customers perceive loose leaf tea as a quality experience
  • Lots of different infusers, teapots and strainers to help control infusion times available
  • Loose Leaves will need careful disposing so as not to clog up drains – t-sacs can help here
  • Can take additional time to get teapots cleaned and back into service
  • Using t-sacs can add a small cost per cup but they can be pre-filled and provide a similar ‘teabag’ convenience when handling loose leaf teas.
  • Loose Leaf Teas can make a very attractive display and talking point for your customers.

Jenier Bio-Degradable Pyramids

  • Less choice available but very convenient.
  • Still contain the same high quality tea – just portioned controlled into the pyramid bag.
  • No need for teapots – will work well for single cup service
  • Customer has interaction with tea whilst infusing – sees clearly loose leaf tea is involvedNo measuring of tea required
  • Easy disposal of leaves contained in the pyramid teabag
  • Higher priced than loose leaf tea
  • Less flexible portion control if using in teapots
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