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Our Story


Jenier World of Teas

Jenier World of Teas operates from our base in Scotland, a country whose history is deeply entwined with that of tea and its trade around the world. Throughout the centuries, we recognise that amongst others, Scottish pioneers such as James Taylor, Major Robert Bruce and his brother Charles, and more recently Robert Fortune and Sir Thomas Lipton have helped make the commercialisation of tea a success

The Beginning

You've probably heard familiar stories about many family owned businesses, and our beginnings were not much different. We had a passion for tea, an idea and a converted garage! Some may say we also had a slight hint of mad determination, but we would of course like to think of this as simple enthusiasm for our new business!

The first few years were tough, no doubt about that. It's taken time to build our supply chains, listen to our customers and learn what we needed to do to provide a quality product and the customer service we wanted to aspire to. We're still learning of course, we still get things wrong but we love what we do so the striving to get things right isn't a chore, just things that need to be done to improve our service.

We're still a family run business too - indeed, even our youngest child put this into context when he couldn't find any socks one school morning and asked "had we none in stock?!!"


We left the converted garage some years ago and not only have we gained a lot more space and products but we've gained a team of great folk working with us too. Some of our team like Iris, joined us when we were working from the garage (and my, if ever you get chance to speak with her, does she have some stories to tell!) and others have joined us more recently as we expanded our blending and production facility. We have fun and we have moments, like any business, but overall as a recent visitor commented, our business has a smile :)

Jenier Wholesale

The latest part of our story has been the launch of our Jenier Wholesale Website. Over the past ten years, the wholesale side of our business has grown significantly, not just in the UK but in over 34 countries worldwide and as such the need for a dedicated  website became crucial to help us manage the volume of orders and make online ordering easy for customers anywhere in the world. However, as well as sorting out the practical side, we wanted to offer something more.

Tea is a fascinating product and we have the privilege of speaking and learning about tea and tea cultures from people all over the world. We wanted to create a place where we can share this information and pass on different ways of serving and selling tea and in doing so, we'd like to help add something to your story!