Happy National Tea Day

Happy National Tea Day

Posted by The Jenier Team on 21st Apr 2020

Hello everyone and Happy National Tea Day!

Over at Jenier we've been celebrating today with some of our favourite teas (and plenty of cake) and we hope you have too!

National Tea Day is observed here in the UK as a time to celebrate the drinking of tea and we thought we would give you some ideas of how you could celebrate your National Tea Day in style!

Tea, Tea and more Tea!

Yep, you guessed it, it wouldn’t be a party without our beloved tea! We asked our CEO Anita what some of her favourite blends are and why she would recommend giving them a try for the occasion.

“Well obviously I love all tea but if I was to pick two of my favourite blends they would be Duchess Earl Grey for its refreshing taste and Body Boost tea as it really gives you that “get up and go” feeling which I certainly enjoy!”

Nice weather? Try Iced Tea!

With all of this glorious sunshine recently, it only seemed right to give you one of our delicious Iced Tea Recipes to try out!

Fruit Iced Tea

For those who truly relish in that fresh fruit, taste and if you’re really wanting to get the party going, use this recipe as a mixer for spirits. Simply click the link below and enjoy:


What goes well with Dessert?

Obviously, every great tea party is filled with sweet delights so we thought we'd recommend some teas which go hand in hand with them. Jasmine Blossom and English Breakfast teas work wonders with cakes and for any chocolate lovers out there, teas such as a malty Assam or a nice china black tea such as Golden Monkey are worth a try.

We hope you are enjoying National Tea Day in whatever way you can. Although we're unable to celebrate in our tea rooms, hotels, cafes etc, and enjoy the wonderful social occasion drinking tea can offer in those settings, we hope that wherever you are, you'll be able to pop the kettle on and enjoy a good cup of tea!

The Jenier Team