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Borengajuli FBOP Assam Tea

Full bodied, strong, malty, with jammy-like flavour.
Luxury Black Tea.
3-7 Mins 1/Cup 100°C
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Borengajuli Estate produces the most fabulous teas. This 2nd Flush Assam is no exception and comes to you as fresh as the day it was plucked! Vacuumed packed on the estate the moment the tea leaves come out the sorter, the deep malted Assam flavour is captured and the flavour retained to taste just as it should.

It took over 10 years for Assam tea to be classified and accepted as tea. You can find out more in our article at the Tea Hub: History Of Tea in Assam 

Borengajuli FBOP Assam Tea is also available in Pyramids

Luxury Black Tea
Assam, Mangaldai - India. Grown:1000 ft above sea level.
Approx between 27- 35mg per cup
Orthodox Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe (FBOP)
Rich Assam malty notes
Bright and tending coppery
Malty with a jammy-like flavour
Full Bodied
Wholesome Tea

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    Not just as standard Assam

    Posted by La Kruca Kafejo on Dec 07, 2023

    Being quite partial to Assam, we found this one a little out of the ordinary. While it has the usual robust "malty" taste, on a longer brewing it develops a bit more astringency than normal with an Assam, but without too much tannin. We find it therefore makes a fine afternoon pick-me-up, though you may wish to use a shorter brewing time if you're looking for the more classic mellow taste.

Borengajuli FBOP Assam Tea: Your FAQ Guide

Discover everything you need to know about Borengajuli FBOP Assam Tea with our FAQ guide. We've gathered the most frequently asked questions your customers might ask!

What is Borengajuli FBOP Assam Tea?

Borengajuli FBOP is a grade of Assam tea that hails from the state of Assam, India, one of the world's largest tea-producing regions. FBOP refers to 'Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe', denoting the tea's high quality, character, and strong flavour profile.

What are the Health Benefits?

The many health benefits of Borengajuli FBOP Assam Tea include its potential to boost heart health, aid in digestion, enhance mental clarity, and offer antioxidative properties, which can contribute positively to overall health.

What is the Best Way to Brew Borengajuli FBOP Assam Tea?

To get the best flavour, boil fresh water and pour it over the Borengajuli FBOP Assam tea leaves. Allow it to steep for about 3 to 7 minutes. Assam tea is known for its robust flavour, and the steeping time can be adjusted to match your personal preference.

Should I Add Milk or Sugar?

This is purely subjective and depends on individual preference, although Assam tea's sturdy, malty character is often enjoyed with a dash of milk and/or sugar.

How should I store Borengajuli FBOP Assam Tea?

Store your tea in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and strong odours. Use an airtight container to keep the tea fresh.

Can Pregnant Women Drink Borengajuli FBOP Assam Tea?

While moderate consumption of black tea is generally safe during pregnancy, it's always best to consult with a healthcare provider to account for individual health circumstances.

Can Borengajuli FBOP Assam Tea be taken on an empty stomach?

Black tea, like Borengajuli FBOP Assam tea, is strong and can sometimes cause slight acidity if consumed on an empty stomach. It's often enjoyed with a meal or snack.