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Long Handled Mesh Pincer Tea Infuser

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Long Handled Mesh Tea Ball Infusers are a really convenient way to enjoy loose leaf teas and herbal infusions of all types when using a cup or mug. As the handles are not detachable, they are not suitable for teapots unless you wish to infuse without a teapot lid. There are 3 different sizes, small, medium, and large. Easy to use, when squeezed, the long handle operates the pincer movement of the tea ball, allowing you to scoop an approximate amount of tea leaves or place a measured amount of tea leaves into the mesh tea ball.

It's important to use an infuser that's going to allow the amount of tea you're using to move around in the water and infuse. As well as moving around, tea leaves and herbs will absorb water, and through this process, they will, of course, swell, reducing the available space in the infuser.

Below is a guide for each size of Long Handled Mesh Tea Ball Infuser:

Small Long Handled Mesh Tea Ball Infuser - 45mm (1.75"): This is the perfect size for a small cup for one or small leafy teas or herbal blends. However, if you are looking to infuse a larger leaf tea or herbal infusion with large herbal pieces, we would recommend using either the medium or large size. Be careful not to overfill the tea ball, as the leaves will swell, and with no space to move, some tea leaves might escape through the edges of the mesh ball. 

Medium Long Handled Mesh Tea Ball Infuser, 50mm (2"): While this long handled mesh tea ball is only 5mm larger in diameter than the small sized infuser, it allows easier brewing of larger leafed teas and herbs or facilitates the use of more tea should you like a stronger infusion.

Large Long Handled Mesh Tea Ball Infuser- 65mm (2.5"): This Large Long Handled Mesh Tea Ball Infuser has a capacity likened to have sufficient space for 4 cups (where one cup = 230ml), so it would only fit a large cup, mug, or small teapot if infusing without using the teapot lid. Large leaf teas such as oolongs are ideal for this size of infuser ball, as they will have plenty of space to unfurl and infuse.

Once your infusion is complete, remove the long handled infuser, and to remove the tea leaves, simply squeeze the handle to open the mesh tea ball. Once opened, the leaves can be removed and placed int the waste bin or on the compost heap. Always rinse the infuser and remove any residual leaves, but try to avoid rinsing tea leaves down your sink to avoid drain blockages.