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Tea Timer - 3 Min - Beechwood Sand Timer

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Discover the simple pleasure of a perfectly timed cup of tea with our 3-minute tea timer. This handy gadget ensures your tea is brewed just right every time.

The 3-minute sand timer is crafted from sustainable beechwood, offering durability and an eco-friendly choice for your cafe, restaurant, or kitchen. The eye-catching hourglass with yellow sand isn't just for looks—it's the key to that perfect brewing time.

The timer is measured for a 3-minute brew, taking the guesswork out of tea time. The top is marked with the 3-minute target, and the base features the Jenier tea leaf and the friendly reminder that taking time to let the tea leaves infuse, helps make the resultant brew 'Everything tea should be'.

Dimensions and Packaging

This compact timer measures 50mm across and 90mm in height, taking up minimal space. Each timer comes in its own box, making it an ideal, practical, and thoughtful gift.

Ideal Brewing Times Using The Tea Timer

Black Tea: Set the timer for a minimum 3-minute brew for a full-flavoured cup without any bitterness. Taste at 3 minutes, and leave a little longer if you want a stronger brew.
Green and White Tea: 3 minutes of brewing is an ideal time to bring out the best flavour.
Fruit and Herbal Teas: For stronger infusions, flip the timer once more for a 6-minute brew.

The sand timer is a great tool for consistently, perfectly brewed teas. Forget about oversteeping or timing guesswork—this timer has you covered. It is ideal for food service, seasoned tea lovers, and newcomers to the world of tea brewing.