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Delicious Berry Individually Wrapped Tea Bags

Fruity, slightly tart flavour with smooth, natural sweetness.
Luxury Fruits - see Product Profile.
Canada, USA, Thailand and Spain.
6-8 Mins 1/Cup 100°C
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We're delighted to offer Delicious Berry Individually Wrapped Tea Bags. We understand you want to serve your customers the best quality and taste whilst being assured the product and packaging are sustainably sourced.

With that in mind, we use exactly the same Delicious Berry high-quality fruit blend as used for loose leaf tea, but place it inside a plastic-free pyramid tea bag and individually wrap with compostable paper.

The Perfect Blend of Flavours and Health Benefits

Delicious Berry Fruit Tea is an irresistible blend of Luxury Hibiscus, Elderberries, Dried Black Currants, and Natural Flavours. This caffeine-free fruit tea balances taste and health, guaranteed to captivate the taste buds of your patrons while supporting their overall wellness and includes the following:

  • Luxury Hibiscus
    Sourced from the Delta Nile region, Luxury Hibiscus contains antioxidants and Vitamin C. This ingredient boosts the immune system, helps digestion, and maintains healthy blood pressure. Hibiscus enriches the blend's aroma and taste with its sour and cranberry-like flavour.
  • Dried Black Currants
    Dried Black Currants bring a deep, rich flavour. These berries pack antioxidants, Vitamin C, and other essential nutrients to support the immune system and promote healthy skin and bones. The delightful blend of sweetness and slight sourness adds complexity to the tea's holistic taste.
  • Elderberries
    Elderberries, the small, dark purple berries with a vibrant history of medicinal properties, bring antioxidants, flavonoids, and Vitamin C to the mix. Known to boost the immune system and protect against colds and flu, Elderberries contribute a delicate balance of sour and sweet to the flavour profile.
Luxury Hibiscus, Elderberries, Dried Black Currants, Natural flavour
Canada, USA, Thailand and Spain. Grown: Approx. 1000ft above sea level
Blend of dried fruit and herbs.
Wonderfully fruity.
Deep burgundy red.
Fruity, slightly tart flavour with a mellow smoothness and natural sweetness.
Full Bodied

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  • 5
    Really Fruity!

    Posted by Rhona on Aug 03, 2023

    You can see the real fruit in every tea bag, and the aroma is amazing. Rich deep red colour - very popular with guests looking for a caffeine free tea.