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Wholesale Display Kiln Clip Jars - UV Coated - Jenier

Wholesale Display Kiln Clip Jars - UV Coated

Displaying the beautiful colours of teas and herbal infusions goes a long way to impress and provide a great way to store too. However, as you'll no doubt appreciate, light, and in particular UV light, can have a negative impact on both the colour and quality of your teas in that they will lose colour and taste more quickly than if they were stored away from light.

Tea also needs to be stored in an airtight container and away from strong odours. So finding the perfect storage jar that will also display your teas was a challenge. However, of course we're very pleased to be able to present our unique to Jenier, UV Coated Kiln Clip Jar which we believe goes a long way to enable the display and good storage of your teas.

The Kiln Clip jars are manufactured in Germany and then brought here to the UK where we send them to a specialist glass coating company who apply a UV coating to the outside of the jar body and lid. There is an airtight rubber seal inside the lid which when closed using the Kiln Clip provides a very strong seal. The seals are removable and can be replaced.

As a storage jar, we chose a square base to allow better utilising of space on your shelves and with a volume of 1550ml and height of 230mm x 100mm square, the jar is big enough to hold a reasonable amount of tea, but not too big that the jar becomes too difficult to handle.

Unless you state in the order comments of your order, all jars purchase will arrive without a tea label. However, if you would like to have your jars labelled with a Jenier tea label (free of charge), please just either give us a call or list the tea labels you'd like in the notes section of your order.