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Wholesale Tea Gift Sets For Retailers - A Cup Of Kindness

We're delighted to introduce a range of themed tea gift sets created for our charitable tea brand Charity Box - A Cup Of Kindness. Not only do we have the perfect gift for tea lovers, but we've collaborated with other UK manufacturers to bring you the added choices of chocolate, coffee, candles, hand made journals and beautiful framed quote prints. 

For every wholesale tea gift set Jenier sell, we donate 50% of the profits to charities & good causes. Any retailer can stock the gift sets for sale or if you are a charity, school, hospital or good cause, you can of course buy any of the gift sets at wholesale prices and sell directly to raise funds for your cause too! 
Each Gift Set comes with  a 'Thinking Of You' gift card  but we have 16 other Occasion Cards you can buy separately in packs of 6 for £1.00 (+ VAT) giving you the flexibility to promote any season or occasion.

If you are a consumer, A Cup Of Kindness gift set can be purchased individually from cupofkindness.gifts - a website set up to sell directly to consumers for the benefit of charities.