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Your Story Tea Gift Set

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The Your Story Tea Gift Set is an ideal gift for the creatives in this world. A beautiful, handmade A5 notebook of archival, quality paper, bound using ancient stitching skills and wrapped in special paper from the Himalyas is accompanied with three high quality, teas. A perfect eco-friendly gift,all pyramid tea bags are made from plant base materials, plastic free and compostable. All tea packaging is 100% compostable. 

Included in each Your Story Tea Gift Set:

  • Best Breakfast Tea - 15 x 3g Plastic Free, Pyramid Tea Bags
  • Original Mint Tea - 15 x 1.6g Plastic Free, Pyramid Tea Bags
  • Real Berry Fruit Tea - 15 x 3g Plastic Free, Pyramid Tea Bags
  • A5 Hand Stitched Bound Archival Notebook 
  • Beautiful Jenier Gift Box with ribbon
  • Your selection of Gift Card* if required.
  • Outer Shipping Box

*Additional gift cards and be purchased in units of 6 at the following link: Occasion Cards

Handmade A5 Notebook

In the middle of this gift set is a beautiful A5 notebook made by hand just for Jenier by Jackman's Journals. This notebook is a tribute to hand-stitching skills passed down from generation to generation. The stitched paper is free of acid and chlorine and has an excellent writing surface. It also opens easily and can be used flat without any trouble. Beautiful Fair Trade Lokta Paper from the Himalayas wraps the archival quality paper to give a journal that will hold your thoughts or sketches for many years to come.

The Lokta Paper: A Witness to Time

Lokta Paper is not just paper. It is known for its bright colours and textured patterns. It's a canvas that doesn't get old over time. Because it lasts for a long time, it will keep your creative notes and detailed drawings safe for years, if not decades. This paper is also a sign of sustainability, ensuring your creativity doesn't leave any harsh marks on our beautiful planet.

The Supporting Tea Trio

This gift set knows that great art sometimes needs a break to clear your mind. Enter the hand-picked selection of three delicious teas that are easy to use in pyramid tea bags. Best Breakfast Tea will quench your natural thirst for inspiration. Real Berry Fruit Infusion will give you a burst of healthy indulgence. Refreshing Peppermint leaves will calm your senses with their soothing whispers. In keeping with the eco-friendly theme of the Your Story Tea Gift, these tea bags are plastic free and can be composted.

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