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Wholesale Seasonal Loose Leaf Teas & Wholesale Tea Starter Packs

Wholesale Tea Starter Packs & Best Seasonal Teas

Save 20% off trade prices when you buy Jenier Wholesale Tea Starter Packs, available in loose-leaf tea, pyramid tea bags and retail pack sizes.

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Loose Leaf Tea & Pyramid Tea Bags Starter Packs

Sometimes when there's a wide range of teas to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. Customers often ask us to suggest the best-selling loose-leaf teas they can begin with to start serving. We have quite a few top-selling loose-leaf teas and a range of Best Selling Pyramid Tea Bags, which we show in their respective categories. Still, if you want six teas to start your new tea offering, we've put together a starter pack for you! The teas in the 'Time For Tea' starter pack are available as both loose leaf or in biodegradable, plastic free and compostable pyramid tea bags and come with UV-coated Kilner display jars (each labelled with the name of the tea), tea education leaflets for your customers, and in the loose-leaf starter pack we include empty paper tea filters and measuring spoons along with tips and preparation guides too.

So you have everything you need to start serving excellent quality tea, and not only that, we offer the Time For Tea Starter Pack with a significant saving of over 20% off the trade price!

When starting out serving tea of all types, you may want to know more about the history of tea. With this in mind, we've put together a brief history of tea which you may find helpful. Visit our Tea Hub and read: History Of Tea - A Whistle Stop Tour!

Seasonal Loose Leaf Teas

With so many teas to choose from, it can sometimes be helpful to look at which teas work well for different seasons. Christmas time is often much easier to recognise suitable teas because of the names or ingredients we associate with Christmas, such as cloves and spices. Still, for other seasons, tea choices might be more challenging. In fairness, offering good quality tea in any season will always work well. Still, we've gathered a few seasonal suggestions for you that will be of interest. You might also find our article on the various options when trying to identify what teas are the best for you to serve: What Teas Are The Best teas To Serve?  and our article on How To Make Loose Leaf Tea.

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