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Trick or Peach Fruit Tea

Great fruit and tart taste with natural sweetness.
Luxury Fruits - see Product Profile.
Turkey, Egypt, Chile.
6-8 Mins 1/Cup 100°C
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Introducing Trick or Peach Fruit Tea: The Spooky Season's Most Delightful Brew!

Sip your way to Halloween fun with our new 'Trick or Peach' fruit tea blend! This enchanting potion is a delightful concoction guaranteed to invoke the spirit of the season with every sip. It's a brew filled with tricks and treats that will tempt your taste buds and send a shiver of delight down your spine. Somewhere between the forbidden orchard and a witch's garden, 'Trick or Peach' was made, bursting with autumnal notes of crisp apple, ripe peach, and a mysteriously tangy hint of hibiscus.

A Potion's Secret! 

Our 'Trick or Peach' tea's enchantment begins with vibrant apple pieces, capturing the  taste of a fantastic Autumn harvest. Next, Hibiscus petals lend a spooky scarlet hue and an enticingly tart flavour, eerily mirroring the passion of a witch's charm. Rosehip further enhances this potion, adding a subtly sweet, fruity roundness. However, the real treat in this trick lies in the orange pieces, contributing a burst of citrus freshness to our petrifying peachy indulgence. The orchestration of natural flavours creates the sensation of biting into a fresh, juicy peach – except this one is not from the nearby grove but from haunted gardens!

Ghosts & Pumpkins!

But what's Halloween without a pinch of fun? Look closely into your cup and spot our Halloween sprinkles, charming and spellbinding in the form of cheeky miniature ghosts and pumpkins. These are not just a feast for your palette but also a treat for the eyes, adding an irresistibly whimsical touch to your autumnal tea experience.

The Perfect Caffeine Free Halloween Tea

'Trick or Peach' is far more than a tea — it's a celebration of Halloween encapsulated in a cup. It's the perfect blend of caffeine free, fruity flavours tempered with festive fun for those crisp October evenings. Enjoy it by the light of a full moon or while curled up with a spine-tingling ghost story. Invite your friends for a cup, or savour it alone - if you dare!
Immerse in the spirit of Halloween with our 'Trick or Peach' tea – it's scary how good it is! Brew, sip and let the Halloween revelry begin.

Apple Pieces, Hibiscus Petals, Rosehip, Orange Pieces, Natural Flavours, Halloween Sprinkles: Sugar, Potato Starch, Maltodextrin, Vegetable Fat (Rice Bran Oil), (E100 Turmeric, E160 Paprika), Glazing Agent (Carnauba Wax).
Turkey, Egypt, Chile
Blend of dried fruit and herbs
Fruity with citrus notes
Tending pinkish
Great fruit and tart taste with natural sweetness
Great Addition
Medium Bodied