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Christmas Tea Selection Gift

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Christmas Tea Selection Gift is the perfect gift to explore some of the finest loose leaf Christmas Teas across a mix of tea types. The perfect festive corporate tea gift.

All tea packaging is 100% Recyclable.

Included in each Christmas Tea Selection Gift:

  • 5 Assorted Luxury, Loose Leaf Christmas Teas
  • 1 x 100 Pack of Size 2 Jenier T-Filters - Paper Tea Filters
  • Beautiful Jenier Gift Box with ribbon
  • 'Merry Christmas' Occasion Card *
  • Outer Shipping Box

*Additional occasion cards are available to purchase in packs of 6 at the following link: Occasion Cards

Assorted Christmas Teas

  • Chilli Christmas Fruit TeaA caffeine free fruit tea, full of fruity flavour and a satifying taste of warming Chilli. Blended with whole cloves and star anise, the deep burgundy infusion has a wonderful spicy depth to enjoy too.
  • White Christmas Tea Blend - A delicately balanced, naturally flavoured white tea blended with Juniper berries, cinnamon, star anise, cinnamon and apple & cranberry fruit pieces. When brewed the infusion is pale pink with a wonderful sweet aroma and a delicate taste of fruit with hints of anise.
  • Christmas Zingalong - A refreshing flavoured green tea with citrus lemon, lime and Christmas spices. Sencha green tea leaves hold their green tea character whilst blending well with the spices to bring a warming depth to the infused cup.
  • Stocking Surprise - Inspired by the gifts often found in a Christmas Stocking, this caffeine free blend of Rooibos herbal tea celebrates with combining both orange and chocolate flavours with hints of mint. A vey satisfying, calorie free cup of delight!
  • Winter Mulled Spice - A high-grown naturally flavoured black tea from Sri Lanka blended with cinnamon and cloves for a truly delicious , mulled cup of tea. Pairs great with warm red wine, apple cider or a wee dram too!

Jenier T- Filters - Size 2 Paper Tea Filters

Jenier Size 2 Paper T-Filters are specifically designed for steeping loose leaf tea. These paper tea filters make brewing tea as straightforward as possible. Simply spoon the desired amount of tea into the paper filter and place in your cup or teapot. Pour over freshly boiled water and leave the leaves to brew. Once ready, simply remove the paper tea filter and place in the bin or onto the compost heap. A very practical way to enjoy your loose leaf Christmas teas.

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