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Discover Fruit & Herbal Tea Gift Box

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Discover Fruit & Herbal Tea Gift Box is a carefully selected taster box highlighting a selection of delicious fruit and herbal infusions from our wellness tea range. A caffeine free gift that's perfect for any occasion or as an eco friendly corporate gift.

All pyramid tea bags are made from plant base materials, plastic free and compostable. All tea packaging is 100% recylable.

Included in each Discover Fruit & Herbal Tea Gift:

  • 6 Assorted Luxury Fruit & Herbal Teas - Choose Loose Leaf or Pyramid Tea Bags from the options shown above.
  • Beautiful Jenier Gift Box with ribbon.
  • Your selection of Gift Card* if required.
  • Outer Shipping Box

*Additional occasion cards are available to purchase in packs of 6 at the following link: Occasion Cards

Assorted Fruit & Herbal Teas

This collection includes the following crowd-favourite fruit teas: Delicious Berry, Orange & Apple, and Apple Spiced. These teas draw you in with their vibrant colour and captivate with their intense flavour profile. They serve brilliantly as both hot brews and as refreshingly chilled iced teas.

To accopmany the caffeine free fruit teas, we've hand-picked three exceptional herbal teas from our Wellness range, each tailored for specific moments and feelings. 'Time Out' is the ideal companion for those serene moments of relaxation; 'Harmony' instils a sense of balanced tranquillity; and 'More Zest' gives you the much-needed vitality to conquer your day. Each variety possesses a distinct character that caters to different moods and needs.

For in-depth insights and details about any of these teas, explore the links below the respective tea names.

Loose Leaf Discovery Gift Box Contains Pack Sizes of 6 x 100g or *50g where indicated. 

Pyramid Tea Bag Discovery Gift Box Contains Pack Sizes of 6 x 15 Pyramid Tea Bags.

Delicious Berry Fruit Tea - Fruity, slightly tart flavour with smooth, natural sweetness.

Orange & Apple Fruit Tea - Full orange and apple flavour with slight tartness.

Apple Spiced Fruit Tea - Crisp, fruity character, slightly sweet with cinnamon finish.

Time Out Herbal Tea - Soothing with lots of camomile and mild liquorice taste.

Harmony Herbal Tea - Mellow herbaceous character with warming, light spice.

More Zest Herbal Tea* - Full bodied herbal taste with the sweetness of spearmint.

RRP Range: Under £35.00