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Discover Black Tea Gift Box

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When creating this Discover Black Tea Gift Box we were aware the well-known varieties of black teas recognised in the West are Breakfast Teas and Earl Grey. However, this luxury black tea assortment was designed to expose other flavour characteristics found in different tea cultivation areas; this includes estate teas, garden teas, distinctive blends, and some popular varieties. The ideal occasion, seasonal or corporate tea gift.

All pyramid tea bags are made from plant base materials, plastic free and compostable. All tea packaging is 100% recylable. 

Included in each Discover Black Tea Gift:

  • 6 Assorted Luxury Black Teas - Choose Loose Leaf or Pyramid Tea Bags from the options shown above.
  • Beautiful Jenier Gift Box with ribbon
  • Your selection of Gift Card* if required.
  • Outer Shipping Box

*Additional occasion cards are available to purchase in packs of 6 at the following link: Occasion Cards

Assorted Black Teas

Each black tea type included in the collection is sourced globally and is of excellent quality. It is harvested at optimal times and stored meticulously to offer teas at their premium level.

  • The Balmoral Blend: Our exploration commences with a blend somewhat reminiscent of a Breakfast blend, yet with a twist. This blend was custom-created at the request of the Royal Balmoral Estate and is served to guests in visitor centres throughout the estate. The Balmoral Blend incorporates teas from six different estates in Sri Lanka, India, and China. It's crafted to deliver a sturdy, robust cup of tea, which is excellent solo or combined with milk or lemon.
  • Borengajuli FBOP Assam Tea: Next, we find ourselves in Assam, India, at the Borengajuli tea estate, where a 2nd Flush, FBOP Assam, is produced with a profound malty flavour. Borengajuli, a rich black tea, can be relished on its own or with milk.
  • Margaret Hope TGFOP Darjeeling Tea: Continuing with 2nd Flush teas, we journey to the lofty terrain of Darjeeling, where one of our crowd favourites, Darjeeling estate tea, Margaret's Hope TGFOP 2nd Flush, is cultivated at an altitude of 6800ft. Upon brewing, the leaves yield a tea brimming with the unique 'muscatel' flavour often linked with top-tier Darjeeling. Most enjoy sipping this superior tea plain, without the interruption of milk or lemon.
  • Lapsang Souchong: Lapsang Souchong is a smoky black tea from Fujian Province in China with a unique aroma and flavour profile. The leaves are dried over pinewood fires, resulting in a full-bodied tea loaded with a distinct, crisp, smoky flavour, ideally savoured plain.
  • Rose Congou Superior: As a lighter option, there's the Rose Congou Superior black tea, which is gently perfumed with rose petals. The rose essence is accentuated using natural rose oils and adorned with beautiful rose petals to appeal to the senses.
  • Kuchipudi Masala Chai: Rounding out the selection in our black tea gift box, we've incorporated yet another time-honoured tea blend, Kuchipudi Masala Chai. For ages, spices have been paired with teas, and this chai utilises traditional chai spice mixed with high-grade black tea. The blend is finely balanced to ensure that the black tea flavour isn't overridden by spice and can be prepared in the traditional masala chai style with hot milk or enjoyed brewed like black tea, with or without cold milk.

Loose Leaf Discovery Gift Box Contains Pack Sizes of 6 x 100g or *50g where indicated. 

Pyramid Tea Bag Discovery Gift Box Contains Pack Sizes of 6 x 15 Pyramid Tea Bags.

The Balmoral Blend - Full, round bodied, taste with mellow astringency.

Borengajuli FBOP Assam Tea - Full bodied, strong, malty, with jammy-like flavour.

Margaret's Hope TGFOP Darjeeling Tea - Distinctive Muscatel character with slight astringency.

Lapsang Souchong - Full bodied, smooth with crisp, smokey flavour.

Rose Congou Superior - Medium bodied with refreshing flavour of roses.

Kuchipudi Masala Chai - Full bodied, masala spiced tea with cardamom and ginger.


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