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Best Selling Loose Leaf Retail Starter Pack - Save 20%!!

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Save 20% on this mixed case of best selling loose leaf teas for retail. Starter pack comprises of 36 Packs of loose tea (6 teas each with 6 Cartons) and display stand worth over wholesale price of £120. Teas are packaged in 100% recyclable inserts inside a colourful, cardboard carton. Full descriptions of the teas shown on each individual carton. Display stand is 100% recyclable and is sent out assembled with headboard. Display stand will fit any Jenier retail tea cartons both loose leaf or pyramid tea bags.

We've included an option for you to choose your preferred Breakfast tea and if you're looking for a taste guide of the breakfast teas available, please check out the guide below or give us a call and we'll be more than happy to help. We've included teas to appeal to a wide customer group and include black teas, decaffeinated tea, green tea, fruit tea (infusion), and herbal tea (infusion) - a great choice of teas to start retailing. Each pack also contains details of suggested RRP for each tea.

The stand will hold up to 12 Cartons at a time and has a really neat footprint to maximise space (sizes shown on secondary image). A great eye catching display with top selling, luxury loose leaf teas. A link to individual teas shown below:

Loose Leaf Breakfast Tea Options:

English Breakfast Tea   (6 x 100g Carton)

Mayfair Breakfast Tea  (6 x 100g Carton)

Scottish Breakfast Tea  (6 x 100g Carton)

Irish Breakfast Tea  (6 x 100g Carton)

Scottish All Day Tea  (6 x 100g Carton)

Yorkshire Blend  (6 x 100g Carton)

Balmoral Blend Tea  (6 x 100g Carton) 

Continental Breakfast Tea  (6 x 100g Carton)


Additional Loose Leaf Teas Included

Earl Grey Tea  (6 x 100g Carton)

Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast Tea  (6 x 100g Carton)

Japanese Sencha Green Tea  (6 x 100g Carton)

Delicious Berry Fruit Tea  (6 x 100g Carton)

Peppermint Herbal Tea  (6 x 50g Carton)


Breakfast Tea Strength Guide Taste          
English Light  Medium bodied, great with milk.
Mayfair Medium Full round bodied taste with mellow astringency - great with milk.
Scottish  Medium Full bodied oaky character with lots of malty flavour.
Irish Strong Strong, deep malty character with heavy astringency for a dry mouth feel.
Scottish All Day Medium Full bodied character with lots of malty flavour and hint of bergamot.
Yorkshire Blend Everyday Medium Full bodied, malty, fruity, slightly floral with hints of oak.
Balmoral Medium

Full round bodied. malty taste with good astringency - great with milk.

Continental  Medium

Full bodied, malty, slightly floral with hints of oak.